Flintshire U3A Annual General Meeting 2018

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Flintshire U3A

Friendship and Fun through Lifelong Learning

To be held as an Emergency General Meeting

at Connah’s Quay Community Centre

on Thursday, 7th June 2018, 10.30 start

In order to reach a quorum we needed 15%  of our paid up membership to be present.

So we need as many of our members as possible to attend the June meeting. If  you are not not be able to attend the reconvened AGM (because of holidays or other commitments) please consider appointing a proxy.
To to nominate another member to vote on your behalf
 click here  to download the Proxy Vote Form

The A.G.M. is a requirement of the The Third Age Trust and the Charities Commission.

1. At the EGM  we will need to pass the minutes of the 2017 AGM.
2. There will be an election for the role of Secretary to Flintshire U3A  and committee members.

3. Members will also be required to vote on the Adoption of the new Object Clause into our constitution. (See below)

4.  Members will be required to vote on changes under -

5. ANNUAL AND SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS of our constitution to reduce our quorum number from 15% to 10% of our paid up membership and to allow for proxy votes.


Proposed changes to The Constitution of Flintshire U3A

At an E.G.M. of the Third Age Trust on March 21nd 2018 a vote was held to adopt a change to the Object Clause (4) in the Articles of Association. The vote was carried by a large majority.

The Committee of Flintshire U3A voted in favour of adopting the clause.

We have have also opted in to adopting the clause into our constitution. This is to ensure we are operating correctly. It also allows more flexibility in what we are able to offer should the need arise.

This means that need to change our constitution to include the new clause.

The change must be ratified by the membership at an A.G.M. or E.G.M. We will be doing this under A.O.B. at our A.G.M. on June 7th.



2.1 The objects of the U3A are:-

a) To advance the education of the public and in particular the education of middle aged and older people who are not in full time gainful employment in Flintshire and its surrounding locality.

b) The provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interest of their social welfare.



2.1 The object of the U3A is specifically restricted to the following:

the advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.



5.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held once in each year and not later than 15 months after the preceding Annual General Meeting. At least 21 days notice shall be given in writing to all members. A quorum shall be 15% of the paid up members.



5.1  No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum is present.

5.2 A quorum is 10% of the members. A member counts towards the quorum if they are present in person or by proxy or by authorised representative and entitled to vote upon the business to be conducted at the meeting. Each member shall notify the charity of the name of the authorised representative appointed by him/her.

5.3. An Annual General Meeting shall be convened. The meeting shall be adjourned to such time and place as the directors shall determine if:

(a) a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting; or

(b) during a meeting a quorum ceases to be present.

5.4 When an adjourned General Meeting is reconvened, should the meeting not be quorate within 15 minutes of the start time, the meeting will be invited to agree that those present shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting the business of the AGM.
Members attending the E.G.M. will be required to sign in and should have their membership cards with them.

Please note only members with current (2018) membership are eligible to vote.

Documents relevant to the AGM/EGM are available for download  below.

There are three committee vacancies: one for the role of  Secretary and two for committee members.

Nominations have been received and elections will take place.

The Constitution of Flintshire U3A  - click here

Proposed amended Constitution for Flintshire U3A - click here

Agenda for the 2018 AGM - click here

Minutes of the 2017 AGM - click here

Flintshire U3A - Registered Charity No: 1096025